Friday, August 28, 2009

it comes again, time has passed so fast ...
only few months left before i am going to finish my course ausmat.
it means that left only few months more to spend time together with friends, may be after this if we are able to fly, we'll go to different sad although im really can't wait to finish this course, so stress..
can you imagine we got three tests a week and even two assignments, i slept almost at three am everyday this week...huh, i cant believe it...

thanks god finally this week end, and i am quite satisfy after answering all the three tests though i dont know my marks yet....but its ok, as long as i can improve my result.perhaps...

i like ramadhan month really much.. why??
firstly because i can save my money as i only eat once a day, only for breaking fast..
secondly i can control my diet, ramadhan is the best time to diet,hehe...
thirdly, ramadhan can strenghten relationship with friends, we can break fast together, going to bazar ramadhan, and sometimes going to mosque together..

hopefully this ramadhan will be better than before........

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

what is it that makes it so hard to talk to each other....

communication is the exchange of thoughts, messages, information, feelings and ideas with others. It is vital for us to have good communication skills in other to adapt in whatever situations we are for instance in school, the way we communicate with our friends is certainly different with teachers.
However there are several factors that cause difficulties for some people to talk to each others.

First of all, different ages or generations make people feel so hard to share something. Why is it so???? This is because the young will think differently and experience different stories with the older generations. From the story of THOUSAND YEARS OF GOOD PRAYERS, we can see that the father, the main character is able to talk with madam which is almost the same age with him. Although sometime they communicate in different languages they can understand each other very well, if we compared with the interaction between the father and yilan, his own daughter. I myself can see the awkward situation between them whenever they start to talk to each other. This also happen In the real world, In my view young people nowadays prefer to have conversation with their friends rather than to tell the problems with their own parents as they may think that parents will not understand them well.

It is undeniable that distance can causes people not to close to each other. Yilan and her father live separately for a long time. She is in America while Mr shi is in china. Thus, when they meet and stay together they are unable to interact with each other like a father and a daughter used to be. I have also seen this happen to one of my friends. Her family used to live far away since she was in form 3 and it is long time for her not to see her parents even she celebrated Hari Raya with her aunt's family. she has told me that whenever her dad called her , she will feel the gap between them , the conversation between them has changed, not the same as when they live together long time ago. I would say that she is really a strong girl. Well done my friend!!!.

The reluctance to share and to talk is also one of the reasons. for instance, in the story, Yilan refuse to tell her father what was going on with her marriage, what are the reasons of the divorce in spite of mr shi has tried so hard to persuade her daughter to open her mouth, yet to tell him why she is unhappy. however, in my opinion the refusal of yilan to give out her problems is because of Mr shi himself." you didn’t talk much about anything "Yilan told this when her father asked her about her unhappiness and this clearly showed that yilan did the same thing as her father did when they used to live together in china. This is like a revenge of Yilan to her father.

In order to break the emotional war, both individuals should understand each other well, to feel comfortable with people we talk; we should know other's backgrounds more and are willing to express our feeling. I believe that when we share something with others, sense of relief will emerge in our hearts and thus make us feel that we are not alone in this world. If we are unsatisfying with something, we should say it and not to keep it in our heart, however it would be better to say it in a proper way without killing others feeling. Sometimes people may say that it would be better for us to keep silent than talking but actually it depends on the circumstances. The most significant thing is THINK FIRST BEFORE TALKING....,by doing this people will respect you more.....

Thursday, June 18, 2009


this is just a poem that has been written from a person who never had any experience in writing a poem before....

i remember
once in a year
when you appear
bring together all happiness
as if the world is free from darkness
but sometimes can cause melancholy
as you remind us of our love ones
and of those miles away from us
everyone put themselves like a shining star
new clothes, new shoes, even new spirits
you bolster the bonds between us
hands in hands query for forgiveness

but today
everything has changed
you come and go
but the joy we feel
decline as time passes
everyone busy to achieve their goals
until they sometimes forget
it is you.......
the one who bring our hearts together

after learning how to write a poem....
i realize that it is quite interesting to express our feelings into words besides can enhance my vocabulary...
hopefully, one day i can create a good poem ........

Saturday, April 25, 2009

i miss my home!!!!!!! ..

but what can i do??? even if i shout for several times.
I'm still in the same place, bandar utama and certainly not in my home.

it was so unpredictable when i had cried in the class, so embarrassing..huhu..
i don't know why, suddenly tears rolled down my cheek when mr.derick talked about parents. i can't remember what he was saying actually. the only thing that i can remember was he said ' parents will never hate us'. Do all of you think that they will be glad if you go to Australia??' i think my homesickness had made me cry when he said so...thankfully my classmates didn't realize it, only few of them knew and they were really shocked. they asked for the reason of my sadness....... 'pija, whats wrong with you?? why are you crying???'. but,.. their sympathy make me cried more and more ..sorry my friends..

i suppose to bear in mind that there are others who suffer more .. like Nicholas.. his hometown is far far away compared to me and nasuha also hasn't see her parents for a long time as they are in UK. i should be grateful of my life. i don't want to cry anymore..

God, please help me to face all of this and give a peace in my heart... show me the right way, away from the bad things.....
What should I write this time.. huh…really out of ideas.. I think I just want to tell anything that come cross my mind….

Firstly I want to share with all of you about one of the happiest days that I have ever had in my life. It happened last two week, where I attended a reunion that had been held at Mid Valley mega mall. Why did I say it is my happiest day???.... The main reason is I got an opportunity to meet my best friends. I miss them much more than words can say, that day was the first time I met them since we ended up our secondary school.

Its really surprise to see that there were quiet a number of my ex-schoolmate went there as at first I thought most of them were busy with examinations, assignments and all that kind of stuffs. Furthermore this reunion actually was not well organized. We merely invited whoever studying in Kuala Lumpur and most of them might think that this kind of reunion was insignificant but it’s seemed that everyone appreciates the chance they got to meet their old friends.

There, we gathered at burger king, talked to each other and took photographs. Everyone has changed, the way they dressed, hair style and so on. All of them seemed more mature, their appearance totally different in proportion to last time we have seen each other. Glad to see all of my friends had got good offers after getting SPM examination results, some are doing preparation to study abroad, some are studying in universities and even some of them are already flied to Russia and Japan.

Time seemed to envy with us. About 3.00 pm most of my friends decided to return to their colleges as they have worked to do, same to me and athira , we could not stay longer as we have to make revision for the next test. Furthermore I am actually out of money. I did not know how much money left in the bank; hopefully it is enough to survive while waiting for the next allowance from JPA. If not nothing else to do except to ask my lovely father to bank in some money for me.. but I am trying not to burden him..perhaps…

I miss my mom and dad, my sisters and brothers and my close friends. How beautiful my life if I can be with them….so envy with my friends, they can go back home while I just stayed at the hostel alone… I want to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

you should read more

You should read more… the sentence that always came out from my English lecture. Surprisingly, it was not only Mr. derick who said this during the class lecture, even my last year’s English lecture Mr. kok. I still remember when Mr. kok asked the students about an issue, the whole class will keep silent as we were unable to answer, of course not for all of his questions but almost the things he asked particularly associated with the global issues. It might be some of my classmate knew but they refused to answer, for me the truth was I really did not know about that such things.

Frankly speaking, since in primary school, I could not develop a love of reading though I have tried. Whether to read magazines, newspapers or any books accept for the novels even to watch the news channel, to be honest it was the last program that I would prefer to watch. This is because I easily get bored when reading. Being a primary school-student certainly did not make me realize the significant of reading, the priority at that time were just to read the textbooks for the purpose of getting high marks in examination.

Now, as I continue my study I realize that reading is vital for both academic and professional success. For instance, as a student having adequate knowledge totally beneficial whether in writing essays or for the oral examination that required us to know lots of things. Nowadays World give us variety of reading materials to be chosen for examples we can read the local paper by checking out the news online and books also available for download online. In spite of technology advancements, there is no doubt that the significant of reading has not decreased.

What can we get from reading?? Firstly I would say that by reading we think more and become smarter. For example if we read a novel our brain will try to imagine and interpret the story inside unlike watching television. People often argue reading can improve vocabulary and this is undoubtedly true. While reading books, particularly challenging ones, we will be exposed to lots of new words. Reading books on the other hand, provide information that goes deeper than just classroom discussion. There are many other advantages of reading and I believe everyone knows well about that.

Though I write about this topic, I still want to ask myself, can I make reading as one of my hobbies?? This means that if I have free time I merely have desire to look at reading materials regardless to sleep even to online. I am wondering whether I can do so and is it possible??? Of course as a normal human being, forcing ourselves to do the things that we are reluctant to be is the worse thing but I do realize that I should read more and more. Perhaps books will become one of my attractions. You should read more……………….

Monday, March 23, 2009

Last weekend was the final week to finish up the documentary for the English assignment. My group members and I struggled a lot to complete the 10 minutes-documentary. Poh hui who stayed outside came to the hostel at night just to do the editing process, really thankful as she was able to drive, thus it would be easier for her to come without asking her father or anyone from her family members.

People may think that it was easy to do a ten minutes- documentary compared to the documentaries on the discovery channel or national geography, which were usually an hour or 30 minutes documentaries. But, when they were required to produce it by themselves, I doubt they would be glad to face the great experiences from it. Indeed it needs a lot of efforts and considerations. Teamwork and responsibilities from each of the group members are vital elements to finish the documentary with the satisfaction.

we have faced lots of challenges in the process of making this documentary from the beginning till the end, lost the important footages, being followed by the security guard at the centrepoint as a result of interviewing the publics without the authority’s permission, in this case , I would say that it was not our fault as we did not know that we were required to do so, and we also burn the midnight oil together in my room to put the background song as well as the subtitles.

Finally, after finishing the group presentation, it was a relief to hear that Mr. Derick was satisfied with the project. He even has no question to ask us but I still worried because he had given no comment or opinion about the documentary. Hopefully we can get good marks for that. In spite of facing a lot of plights, I realize that I have learned a lot from it.

Now, it is about 9 months left to finish my course, ausmat. For me, it is a long time to wait; time management as well as being consistent is the key to get an excellent result in the final examination. I admit that I always have no enough time as a result of delaying my assignments. That kind of behavior should be avoided if I really want to follow my seniors’ step who had succeed in their journey, instead of facing a lot of difficulties, finally their sacrifices have been paid after receiving an offer letter from Australia’s university.